'Somewhere between opera and pop sits a genre of music called 'Ali McGregor' 

Welcome to the website of singer Ali McGregor. She traverses the worlds of opera and popular culture like no other, either as an award winning principal Soprano with Opera Australia; as an internationally reknown cabaret artist; or as the host of the cult festival favourite show 'Ali McGregor's Late-Nite Variety-Nite Night'. You can wander through this site to find videos, photos, performance information and sign up to mailing lists and various forms of social media. Enjoy!


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JAZZAMATAZZ!                            Sydney Festival
The Aurora, Hyde Park North       20 Jan 10am, 21-24 Jan 10am & 12pm
Club Swizzle                                Sydney Opera House
Opera House Studio                    3 Feb - 15 Feb 2015

JAZZAMATAZZ!                            Auckland Arts Festival
Paradiso Spiegeltent,                     6-8 March 2015
Aotea Square

Ali McGregor's Late-Nite                 Melbourne International Comedy Festival
Variety-Nite Night                          Fri & Sat nights 27 Mar - 18 Apr 11.30pm
The Famous Spiegeltent
Arts Centre Forecourt

Ali McGregor's CabHOORAY!            Melbourne International Comedy Festival
The Famous Spiegeltent                 28 Mar - 8 Apr 11am
Arts Centre Forecourt

ALCHEMY                                    Hayes Theatre Co, Sydney
Hayes Theatre                           21 April at 7.30pm, 
                                                22 - 25 April at 8.00pm 
                                                26 April at 6.00pm